Join the New Zealand Youth Choir

General auditions

We generally hold nationwide auditions every three years with the next round being: October 2019.

An online audition form will be posted here closer to the time.

For information on how to apply, please see below.

What you need to know

A new choir member auditions to be in the choir for a three year term from 2020-2022, which usually finishes with a large tour in the final year.

In some exceptional cases, mainly for existing/former choir members, a shorter term may be possible (please make a note about your wish for a shorter term and the reason for that on the audition form


To audition you have to be between 18 and 25 years of age at the time of audition.

The audition

We are a friendly bunch of people and look forward to meeting you. The auditions are our chance to get to know you a bit and hear your voice. We are not only looking for good choral singers but also for representatives of New Zealand.

The whole audition will take no longer than 10-12 minutes so give it everything and really show us what you can do.

There are two parts to the audition:

  1. Perform a song of your choice (see more below)
  2. We will give you some exercises to test your sight singing and to see how well your ear has developed

Audition tips:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • A warm-up space will be provided
  • Dress matters — please wear something you would perform in
  • What song to choose for your audition:
    Choose a piece that will show your voice to its best advantage
    A simple folk song in English is usually best
  • Please bring two copies of the piece that you are going to sing — this should be unaccompanied


There is no fee to take part in the auditions.

The membership fee for the current choir members is $590 (incl GST) per annum.

This fee goes towards the costs associated with running the choir’s domestic courses. The costs include travel and accommodation, venue hires, concert marketing and ticketing, tutor fees and music purchases just to name a few. The membership fees don’t cover the entire costs associated with any one of our courses. The shortfall in costs we source through funding, sponsorship, donations and ticket sales.


You are invited to consider applying for one of the two scholarships available to support paying the membership fees; the Ben Campbell Memorial Scholarship (financial hardship) and Professor Peter Godfrey Scholarship (for singer who is also an organist or conductor).

Please indicate on the audition form if you want to apply for a scholarship.

Usual Audition Locations


Please note that we are not able to assist with travel costs for getting to and from your audition.

Why should singers audition for NZYC?

Hear it from the members of the last NZYC

NZYC has been one of the most amazing, life changing and influential experiences and I would recommend it to anyone 

You will grow as a musician and as a person

It is a wonderful experience and nothing like any choir they will have sung in before.

NZYC is a whanau, and it is an honour to be a part of it. 

Because there's no other choir quite like NZYC, you have amazing experiences, create lasting friendships and have the privilege to create high quality choral music that really moves people.

It's an incredible experience, not only for your musicianship, but it's also so much fun

Great time, meet awesome people, have lots of fun with great music. 

Because there is nothing else like it!

It's an experience of a lifetime

You never know what you can achieve until you give it a go, and the possibilities with NZYC are endless.