Support us

As a charitable organisation Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand relies on the generous support of donors, sponsors, and funders to make our world-class programme of activity possible. From ambitious training for young singers through to professional performance opportunities and outreach work in the community; our supporters enable us to be a home for New Zealand singers and provide them with the support and encouragement they need right from the start. 

“It has given me confidence that I lacked, I always wanted to pursue music as a career but now I feel like it is a viable option for me.”

New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir member

There are options for individuals and companies to support CANZ and create meaningful relationships with our choirs – please get in touch to find out the best option for you.

Sponsor a Singer

Now is your chance to get in behind and show support for the taonga that is the NZ Youth Choir. We know that the strength of a choir comes from it's people, which is why we are placing our singers front and centre in this opportunity to support our 40 year legacy.

Maybe your child has been a singer in our choir, maybe your partner or parent. Maybe you yourself have sung in this group. Check out where a singer is from, what part they sing, and some of their interest, then click through and let us know who you would like to sponsor.

Our choir is more than just a group of voices; it's a close-knit family of singers. Your donation will help us to deliver the activities of NZ Youth Choir amidst rising costs of touring and will be acknowledged against your chosen singer.