We are very grateful for the generous support of these individuals, who are helping us to achieve
our creative, social and educational goals with their financial donations.


Adam Foundation
Gillian & Roderick Deane
Trevor & Carol Kempton


Verna and Denis Adam
Gillian & Roderick Deane

Armishaw Family
S Park & R Bernay
Andrea Gray
Noel Carroll
Anita Banbury

Library Sponsor
Christine Argyle 
Lachlan Craig
Diana Cable 
Glennis Pettigrew 

Traveller Deluxe
Hilary Rayner (2)
Arne Herrmann & Lisa Darlington
Jocelyn Kirkwood
D and A Miller

The Traveller
Ella Haigh
Suraksha Setty     

donated by
Davidson Whānau   

Legacy Lovers
Toni Wilson  
Delwyn and Leo Drummond

Singer Sponsors
Theo Vos
Warwick and Catherine Mitchell
Kath Peebles
Catherine Carter (3)
Iris Christopher (3)
Kate Birch
Hilary Rayner

Merrall & Lowry Families
Melanie Ward

Helen Hayes    
Ineke and David Kershaw 
Rhonda Paton
Robert Brewer
Helen Jacobi
Linda Webb MNZM

Official Supplier
Post Haste
House of Travel Takapuna & Devonport



Hester Lees-Jeffries


Hester Lees-Jeffries

Barbara Bentham


Lara Rennie-Scheidegger

Andrew Kania

Andrea Cochrane

Ella Haigh


Jan Peleton

General Donations

Alan Broom
Alison Paton
Amanda Gordon
Andrea Sturgess
Anita Banbury
Anita Mills
Anna Plessas
Arrowtown RSA
Barbara Clark
Briony Ellis
Robertshawe (for the Alto Section)
CeeDee Doyle
Christine O'Connor
Claire Haywood
Collins Family
David Hamilton
David Hodgkinson
Di Lenihan
Elaine Bolitho
Elizabeth Clark
Erena Fussell

General Donations

Evan Williams
Fehl Charitable Trust
Gwen Neave
H M Murray
Helen Robertshawe
Hugh Goodman
J M Peleton
Jennifer Flory
Jenny Beale
Joan Withers
Jude Kennedy
Judith Wigglesworth
Judy Livingston
Jules Smibert
Justin Murray
Karen Ward
Katie Coppolino
Ken Isaac
L. Marsden
Lachlan Craig
Liz Nidd
Lucy Tod

General Donations
Matthew Duplessis
Michael Oldehaver
Ngaire Malpas
P. Payne
Peter Dale
Peter Newby
Peter T Young
R and N Zeitler
Robert Carew
Ron & Lynn Holbrook
Ros Emeleus
Rowin Buist
Ruth Diggins
S.L. Garner and A. Ritchie
Sandra Jacques
Sandy Bell-Jameson
Susan Hamilton
The Arts Foundation
Trevor Hayston
Warwick and Catherine Mitchell

General Donations

Hilary Sinclair