Savannah Post


Born and bred on Auckland’s North Shore, Savannah attended Westlake Girls High School, where she was a member of Key Cygnetures and later, Choralation. Savannah first joined the New Zealand Youth Choir in 2011 and continues to enjoy the great music and camaraderie which characterise the group. Savannah is also a member of the University of Auckland Chamber Choir.

Outside the choral environment, Savannah is currently studying towards a conjoint LLB/BSc at the University of Auckland, majoring in statistics. Over the summer of 2013-2014, Savannah completed a statistics research project investigating sentencing practices in the criminal justice system, and hopes to continue work of this kind in a professional capacity after graduating. In her spare time, Savannah also enjoys reading, playing indoor netball and catching up with her (current) favourite TV show, Elementary.

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