Grace Wellik


Grace Wellik is currently studying composition at The University of Auckland and is the 2024 Young Composer in Residence for Auckland Youth Choir. Singing with the New Zealand Youth Choir and Auckland Youth Choir, alongside training with the New Zealand Choral Federation as a Young Conductor, Wellik is a versatile musician whose work traverses a multitude of areas within the music industry. Recently a choir member at Synthony in the Domain 2024, and a featured extra and recording artist for New Zealand feature film Tinā, directed by Miki Magasiva, her work transcends genre and art form. Most recently writing for Cantorum Chamber Choir and Auckland Youth Choir, Wellik explores marrying traditional classical compositional ideas and techniques with a voice that is present, magical, and undeniably New Zealand. Her works aim to transport listeners into honest and nostalgic narratives, having a base that shares the stories and voices of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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